Oklahoma State University

Dr. Gretchen Mafi


Office: 104A Animal Science
Phone: (405) 744-9259
Email: gretchen.mafi@okstate.edu

BS: Texas Tech University, 1994
Major – Animal Science
MS: Colorado State University, 1996
Major – Animal Science, Meats Emphasis
PhD: Texas Tech University, 2000
Major – Animal Science, Meats Emphasis

Curriculum Vitae

ANSI 2253 Meat Animal and Carcass Evaluation
ANSI 3182 Meat Grading and Selection
ANSI 3210 Animal and Product Evaluation
ANSI 5213 Advanced Meat Science

Research Interests:
Prediction of meat tenderness and palatability
Development of value-added meat products
Use of new technology to predict quality
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